The Linux Campus Club, Jaya Engineering College in association with NRCFOSS (The National Resource Centre for FOSS) and ILUGC (Indian Linux User Group Chennai) will be conducting a 2-day exhibition-cum-seminar, FLOSSAGE’06, Linux Demo Day, on innovative and informative concepts related to Free and Open Source Software. It is scheduled
on the 19th and 20th of August between 10a.m. and 5p.m. at the college premises.
Free Software, refers to software distributed in source form which can be freely modified and redistributed. Open Source refers to the fact that the source code of Free Software is open to the world to use, modify and reuse. Free Software is a matter of liberty and not price. It offers the users, freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. FOSS gives the users the same freedom and opportunities enjoyed by the developer of the original source code. In developing countries like India, FOSS distributions has cost-effective deployment of IT infrastructure. FOSS provides access to excellent primary sources of learning material for students and has been one of the major reasons for the exponential growth of Internet, especially in developing countries. Moreover, FOSS allows tomorrow’s experts and information technology leaders to acquire adequate competency skills and advance their knowledge rapidly.
Further, Jaya Engineering College has been taking part in various activities of the NRCFOSS and ILUGC for promoting FOSS. The college has a well equipped FOSS LAB with over 50 computers installed with different free softwares and operating systems. The students are
allowed to use the lab during free time and make use of these resources in a productive manner. Moreover, Jaya Engineering College is one of the few colleges affiliated to Anna University that is offering FOSS-I and Enterprise Application Development using FOSS as electives for the third and final year students respectively. The student community also extend their active participation in various activities by forming a Linux Campus Club,
organizing several events through the club and attending FOSS exhibitions conducted by
other technical institutions. As yet another step for promoting FOSS, the institution
has decided to conduct this 2-day exhibition and seminar christened FLOSSAGE’06. This
exhibition is purely related to free and open softwares. There are about 25 exhibits
on various topics of FOSS. The programme also includes a number of seminars that are to be delivered by delegates from industries, distinguished members of the ILUGC and NRCFOSS. The Chief Guest, Mr.Atul Anand, I.A.S, Director, e-governance, Govt.of TamilNadu, will preside over the inaugural function on 19th August 2006.

The purpose of this exhibition is to create awareness and inculcate knowledge among the student fraternity, professionals and the general public on the various concepts, issues and vast applications of the Free and open Source software. So, it is a great opportunity for the general public to get acquainted with the latest in open source technology.

The entry for the exhibition is free and thus anyone with a real passion towards FOSS is invited to come and quench their thirst of knowledge. For further details, contact- 9444246644,
kumaran@gmail.com, hod@jec.ac.in
With Regards,M.Kumaran,Co-ordinator, Flossage\’06.


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